Thursday, September 1, 2011

300 SQFT Container House

Using innovative 3D modeling technology, I design homes to fit the sun, wind, and weather patterns specific to a building site. Wise use of a home’s natural environment can offer the most cost effective energy savings available. I believe that a well insulated building enclosure is the most effective way to get energy efficiency from your home. I use high-performing insulation and high efficiency, low-E, gas-filled windows to help self-regulate the interior home climate. I choose the most cost efficient tankless water heaters, radiant floor systems, and high efficiency heat pumps for each project. The heating systems are installed in our homes to save money by using less energy, and to maximize comfort through amenities like whole-floor radiant heat. For cooling, home positioning on the site to maximize healthy air flow, green roofs, window shading, and energy efficient ceiling fans can all help passively cool the home. We also use high efficiency air conditioning systems for optimal comfort in hot climates.

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