Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Modern Home Office

This modern home office combines style and functionality resulting in an extremely workable living space. The desktop and shelves were built using recycled MDF with a plexiglass veneer. The plexiglass was painted white on one side and sanded on the other to give it a muted natural tone. Birch branches support the corners of the shelves allowing them to be piled high with books and paper. Everything has been trimmed with recycled Epi. The storage caddies mounted on the wall are made from bamboo plywood and hold everything from pens to paperclips to...you guessed it...air plants!

The base for the futon was built using recycled MDF that has been painted with a high gloss white paint and trimmed with recycled Epi. It houses two large drawers, each big enough for the belongings of the various tired travelers who lay their heads down to rest in this room.

The printer cart is made from recylced MDF and does a great job hiding the printer away when not in use. The drawers provide the perfect hiding place for paper and extra ink cartridges.

A Little Green Goes a Long Way

Made from repurposed ceramic fireplace flues and recycled aluminum channeling, these planters elegantly contain ornamental grasses and sea stones.

When remembering to feed the dog is a challenge and watering the plants is all but impossible, try air plants. Delicate though they may look, air plants can survive with little to no TLC. They look pretty cool too!

The height of the ornamental grasses fills up an otherwise akwardly empty wall.

And...they haven't died yet...

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Interior Design, Living Room

The wood for this mantel came from a 100+ year old windmill on the east end of long island.

Even though the mantel is almost eighteen inches deep, by mounting it a few inches off of the floor makes it seem less substantial than it actually is.

White leather + little black dog = TBD. It looks good though!

Interior Design, Dining Room

A modern dining area for the girl who always invites too many people to dinner. The storage boxes on the wall are made out of 3/4" recycled birch veneer MDF laminated with 1/8" clear plexiglass with gray cement board trim and mounted on wall cleats made from EPI. Because they are not attached directly to the wall, each box can be moved or removed to satisfy changing space needs.