Friday, June 19, 2009

Third Floor

The third floor in this design contains an a large open space, a roof deck and office separated from the rest of the floor by a long, linear powder room. The roof is divided into two gently sloping sheds separated by a skylight in the middle. On either side is a row of clear story windows. Another skylight along the roof deck edge crates a long sun room with planting areas both inside and out.

At the core of this dwelling is a light well created by a large skylight over the open stair well and a series of glass floors extending the shaft of light all the way down to the open basement level.

Second Floor Bedrooms

The second floor is divided into three spaces. As you come up the open staircase the master bedroom sweet is on your left. Separating the master sweet from the other two spaces is a glass bridge and the open stair well. After you cross the bridge you enter the semiprivate living area. A small kitchenette, balcony deck and den sitting and media area.

Three planted areas visually divide the space while blurring the line between inside and outside along the wall of glass that separates the indoor living areas from the outside deck.

Integrating Environments

Integrating different environments into my designs is important to me. In this unique home I integrate two aquatic environments, in the form of two large ponds with over 1,000 cubic feet of volume each with an outdoor aviary mounted to the exterior wall of the second and third floor in a dramatic fashion.

Reinterpreting the Basement

Reinterpreting the basement as an open and airy space for outdoor entertaining in the shade and out of the rain. In this design I've placed the pool area under the deck which comes out from the kitchen above.