Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roof Top Dreams

In green design we tend to think more about the roof and it's potential for fulfilling multiple rolls. In a traditional design the roof surface is mostly ignored. As long as it fits this preconceived notion of what a roof should look like and sheds water properly there is no more to think of. I once heard one traditional architect say to one of his draftsmen about a house "just put a hat on it". This one sentence demonstrates an attitude towards the roof that it is just a functional peace of adornment.

All though the main purpose of a roof is to keep it from raining in your house there are many other rolls the roof can play. It can function as a surface for collecting solar energy both electric and to directly heat water. It can provide room for a roof top garden of wild flowers that will offset the foot print that the floor plan takes up. Creating spaces for native species of plants on roof top and roof deck surfaces can actually increase the square footage of a sites naturally landscaped environment while creating additional square footage of outdoor living space.

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